Criminal Defense

Law enforcement officials and prosecutors' offices across West Virginia take any crime very seriously. They aggressively pursue alleged offenders and often take any opportunity to impose serious consequences. If you are facing criminal charges, it is important to protect your rights with the help of a skilled criminal defense attorney. At Wooton, Davis, Hussell & Johnson, PLLC, in Beckley, we strive to help clients understand their rights and options in all levels of criminal matters.

White Collar Crimes

White-collar criminal matters need to be handled by a savvy, insightful lawyer who has a full understanding of these types of charges and cases. They can be complex, handled in state or federal court. From fraud to embezzlement, conspiracy to forgery, our firm can leverage additional professionals to support our defense of your rights.

Drunk Driving Defense

DUI (driving under the influence) is a very serious charge that can result in jail time, monetary fines, a driver's license suspension and rehabilitation requirements, among other consequences. Our firm is dedicated to investigating all aspects of the case, from Breathalyzer results and machinery defects to violations of police procedures and of your civil rights.

Other Misdemeanors And Felonies

In addition to handling white-collar cases and DUI matters, our firm also represents clients accused of:

  • Drug crimes

  • Violent crimes

  • Weapons crimes

  • Assault and battery

  • Traffic violations


Discuss Your Case Further With Our Lawyers

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