Trucking Accidents

There are close to 2 million tractor-trailers in operation throughout the United States, and nearly 500,000 accidents involving trucks occur each year. Trucking accidents are especially dangerous because of the size, weight, and stopping challenges of 18-wheelers. The injuries associated with such accidents are often more serious, and, unfortunately, death is more common. And, most trucking accidents occur in rural areas, not in large metropolitan areas.

Trucking is big business. That means trucking companies leverage all the advantages they can to navigate the complexities of the insurance and legal systems to benefit their bottom line. If you or someone you love has been injured or died in a tractor trailer accident, you need a legal representative who knows the law and understands how insurance companies operate.

With offices located along I-77 and I-64—major freight corridors connecting central U.S. to the eastern ports—Wooton, Davis, Hussell and Johnson has extensive experience serving the victims of semi-truck accidents throughout southern West Virginia.


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