Workplace Injuries

On-the-job injuries occur more frequently in regions where manufacturing and machining are common. In West Virginia, the top five industries are chemical manufacturing, biotechnology, energy (coal mining and natural gas extraction), aerospace (raw material fabrication), and automotive. These industries are important drivers of West Virginia’s economy, but there are inordinate risks to workers in these sectors.  As a matter of fact, West Virginia reports more workplace injuries related to mining, quarries, and natural resource extraction than any other state. Construction, manufacturing, transportation, and utilities are other industries that report a high incidence of injury within the state.

At the same time, technology is evolving, and a firm specializing in the unique issues of today’s workplace must adjust to the changing climate accordingly. Tourism and agriculture are two of the areas where modernization are impacting worker’s protections. At WDHJ we work to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to protecting West Virginia’s workers.

Our lawyers have represented diverse clients on matters related to worker’s compensation, employer negligence, equipment failures and more. We have represented individuals against corporations and big businesses ensuring workers receive the compensation and care they deserve.


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